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Autumn, Gathering of the Harvest.

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Autumn - Metal Element - refining, re-evaluating, self worth, release.

Gathering the harvest and allowing yourself to find joy in the fruits of your labour. A celebration of a years worth of decisions, actions and outcomes. Autumn starts the process of refining the experience of the year so that we can evaluate our actions. Did we get the harvest we expected ? What was the journey like ? What would we do again ? or differently ? What old patterns can we let go of ? What experiences and emotions can we let go of to become the compost for a new year of growth ?

Self Focus Meditation

The Metal Element reflects the part of us that is searching for our inner value. What resonates with our core beliefs.

Mists that help us work with these themes are :

Inspiration - Elderflower Meridian Mist, As we breathe we take what we need and exhale what is no longer useful to us. Allowing the Body/mind/Spirit to be Inspired and full of Creative Flow.

Release - Inkweed Meridian Mist. Helps us to focus of what we value from an experience and release all that is no longer needed.

Yogalicious - A Focus on how we give ourselves the honour of being exactly who we are right now. Embracing all the parts of ourselves as equally important to our Hearts Journey.

Harvest, Celebrate, Enjoy

Harvest your insights and experiences of the year.

Celebrate your Journey and take some time to Enjoy how far you've come this year.

Equally important, enjoy you just as you are and where you are on your Journey.

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