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The Blended Mists

FOM - Feminine - Masculine Balance
Yin Yang Balance

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FOM Aura Mist


Meridians – Central and Governing Meridian Balance.


This Mist was made to create an energetic space or bubble around us so that we have the room to focus on our own healing, without the interference of other energy fields.

This space allows us to feel into our own Yin Yang Balance and feel where it may be out. The aspects of Feminine Yin receptive energy and Masculine Yang active energy are a dynamic everchanging flow. Each becoming the other continuously transforming.

Allowing ourselves the time and space to honour both these energy flows is an important part of our healing journey.

What do we need to do, or not do, in order for the balance to become harmonious.


Feminine O Masculine (The circle representing the flow of one to the other continuously.) Like the Yin yang Symbol)

Focus On Myself 

Freedom Of Mind

For Only Me

Freedom of Movement






My Journey with this Mist

When using it for the first time, I found myself surrounded by an energy field that kept everyone away. At the time I needed some time out but couldn’t say no to having people in my space. As I was working on and using the mist, I found that I stopped getting phone calls and invitations to do something or be somewhere.

At first I was concerned at the lack of connection, but realized that this is exactly what I needed to reset my own energy fields.

A disconnection from everything so that I could retune into what was really important for me. I could feel my own vibrations, what sat well for me and what didn’t. I had been so immersed in other peoples “stuff” it was refreshing and slightly disconcerting to feel on my own again.

It only lasted a week or so but was enough time to do an energetic reboot. When I felt ready it was easy to “replug” myself into what was going on. I found that I was a lot more discerning in what invitations I accepted, what and whose energy fields I wanted to be involved in.

Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed with people, places, information etc I use this mist to help me Focus on Myself.

To get to know myself in both the Masculine and Feminine aspects. The journey to use both appropriately and nurture both appropriately. The ability to place boundaries and enforce them, to give myself the space I needed to come into harmony with myself. Life is the dynamic flux between Yin and Yang, between Giving and Receiving. The ebb and flow. Riding the wave of this mist was a journey to my innermost core beliefs, examining them and deciding if they still worked for me or if I needed to change them and how that fitted into my outside world. 

When this is happening effortlessly, it truly brings a smile to our face.


This Mist is infused with :


The Flower and Vibrational Essences of:


​Miranda Magnolia  - Balance

Pine Pollen – Strength

Divine Pink Water Lily -  I Honour Myself.

Dandelion Dodecahedron - Integration of all aspects of Ourselves,

Osteospermun – Reconnection to Our Divine Magic

Ocean Goddess - Cleansing and connection to our emotional wisdom.

Heartsease – Soothing the Heart space for gentle healing.

Mustard Flower - Harmony



The Essential Oils which Gently Complement this Mist are :

Bergamot – ( Citrus aurantium bergamia) Clearing, Releasing and Uplifting.

Cypress – ( Cupressus sempervirons stricta) Transformation, Movement, Stability.

Eucalyptus – Clearing the Heart Space and allowing us to breathe deeply of life. Removing any stagnant energy and opening the way for inspiration. 

Sweet Fennel – Clears stagnated energy, thoughts and creative processes. Opens the way for self-confident expression.

Ginger – Tonifying and  Stimulating Self Confidence .

Patchouli – (Pogostemon cablin) – Rejuvenation, Warming, Reconnecting.

Rose Geranium – (Pelargonium graveolens) Balancing, Calming and Rejuvenating especially to the Heart Chakra.

Neroli - Eases mental and emotional tension. Unifying, harmonising and balancing it soothes the nervous system and uplifts the spirit.

Petitgrain - ( Leaves of Citrus aurantium amara ) Revitalising, Restoring and Balancing.

Ylang Ylang – (Cananga odorata) Calming and Centring. Cool and Moist it helps clear heat from of the heart. Promoting the Calmness and Stability. Connects us to softness and sensuality.


Your Journey with this Mist

I hope that in creating this mist, you will find the same Sense of Balance between Your Yin Feminine Receptive and Yang Masculine Active that I have found through my Journey with this Mist. Allowing yourself the space needed to examine what is unbalanced and gently bringing it back into Balance.


Flower Blessings.

Blended Mist
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