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The Blended Mists

Heartsease - Heart Chakra Healing

Heart Chakra Balancing and Healing Mist


Whenever the Heart needs a big lovey hug and reminder that Joy will come around again and the pain that we feel in our Heart will ease and change as the cycle of our life continues.


My Journey with this Mist


Heartsease is one of the first flowers that I remember in the garden as a child, it was my brothers favourite flower. My Mum always had them spread around the garden and in their usual exuberance they self-seeded everywhere. I remember them coming up through her rose beds, through the lawn, in lots of flower pots and any crack or crevice they can find. They always make me smile whenever I see them springing up in random places.

We had them growing in our Queensland garden which is where this mist started its journey. Each year as the summer months cooled into autumn, they would poke their distinctive leaves through our sandy soil and start their growth through the winter. They spread through our vegie beds, rose beds and lawn, even in the driest of times they never failed to Jump Up. Their other common name is Johnny Jump Up, and they do 😊.

When we moved to Tasmania, we weren’t able to take any plant material or seeds with us. To say that it was difficult leaving all our plants behind would be an understatement. Some of these plants had been with us for 30 + years and some of the seeds had been hand pollinated and lovingly gathered each year. We were starting again from scratch.

The first months in a new place with all its differences can be challenging. Coming from over and acre of garden to a quarter acre town block with no garden was a bit of a shock. Missing all my friends and garden companions, feeling disconnected to everything familiar. There were many teary moments, I knew I needed some help from my flower friends. On one of the first trips to the garden centre I bought a punnet of Heartsease and planted them in what would be my vegie garden. When the first flowers came (after doing a little happy dance for joy) I took the Heartsease Mother Essence that I had made over the years in Brisbane and laid it out among the new flowers in their new garden. Sitting with it and allowing it to connect from past places to new places. Allowing the heart space within me to be filled with love and connection to this new place through the familiar presence of the heartsease flower.

For me Heartsease connects me to beloved things that represent love, home and garden. Over the years I watched how this delicate yet tenacious little flower never fails to reseed. No matter how long and hot and dry the summer was, it waits cocooned in its seed, waiting until the new cycle to begin its journey. Our heart is like that too, it goes through cycles of love, joy, connection, disconnection, sadness, grief, loneliness and back to love and joy again. This little flower has helped me to understand these cycles as that. Cycles that are moving, from one to another. When the sadness, grief or loneliness are the part of the cycle I can feel the most, this little flower reminds me that they too will bud, bloom, seed and give way to the new cycle of love, joy, connectedness and passion for life again. As it weaves itself through all our garden spaces it shows me that love also weaves itself through all aspects of our life, popping up in random places to bring a smile to our face and joy to our heart. From one tiny seed a new flower springs which in turn produces a multiple of seeds that spread into all the cracks of our lives filling them with love and joy. I look forward to the next part of the journey that I will have with this beautiful flower, new garden, new climate and new joyous discoveries.

This Mist is infused with :

The Hydrosol of:


​Eucalyptus – Clearing the Heart Space and allowing us to breathe deeply of life. Removing any stagnant energy and opening the way for inspiration. 

Aromatic Tincture of:

Lemon ( Citrus limon ) – Calming, Clearing and Uplifting

The Flower and Vibrational Essences of:

Heartsease - Easing the energy in the heart chakra around emotions of Loss, Grief, Loneliness. Brings light into the Heartspace.

The Essential Oils which Gently Compliment this Mist are :

Patchouli – (Pogostemon cablin) – Rejuvenation, Warming, Reconnecting.

Grapefruit – Movement, Lightness, Revival.

Palmarosa – Security, Comfort.

The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you will find it useful for helping create a space for you to be in perfect communication with your highest exalted self, to clearly discern what you need around you and gently release what you no longer need.


Many Flower Blessings

Blended Mist
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