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The Meridian Mists

Liver Meridian
Wood Element 
Bindi Green

(Soliva sessilis)



 ​Meridian – Liver Meridian.

Chakra- Balances Solar Plexus and Heart


Flower Essence of Green Bindii Flower ( Soliva sessilis)

Healing Mantra

"I Resolve Problems Courageously and Resourcefully,

Before They Become Prickly Situations"


Use this mantra or be guided to find your own to work with.


​The Liver Meridian.

Physical Description and Energetic Associations

The unwary barefoot adventurer will know the sharp sting of a Bindi Eye’s prickle. These little plants are super resilient. They will grow in the most inhospitable places and thrive. They love compacted soil and will thrive where other plants struggle. The more they get stepped on the better they grow. This essence was made with the plant as it came into flowering, before the prickles have formed. The flowers are beautiful, showing the magic of the sacred geometry of their composition. Being of the plant family compositae, what appear to be single flowers are actually a cluster or composite of individual flowers. Energetically showing that what appears to be a single issue may in fact be a composite of smaller issues. In their green state they are soft and springy underfoot. Sometimes being the only patch of green in a drought-stricken yard. When they are in this green state, they are surprisingly easy to see and pull out. Like problems, if we can get to the root of the issue and deal with it before it has a chance to bear its prickly fruit, we will often not have to deal with it again in the future.

Like working with Bindiis, timing is important. If they are still green then they can be dealt with. If they are already in fruit with their prickly load, then pulling them spreads the seed further and creates more little problems. If they have gone to seed and you know where they are, it can be best to put on your shoes to traverse the Bindii patch and wait for a better time.  


The Message from the Green Bindi Flower

I can help you with resilience and resourcefulness. Helping to Resolve issues by remembering that you have, in your lives probably already solved an issue just like this one. You can Resolve ( or RE- Solve ) it now, so that it doesn’t keep coming back for you. What is the real Root of the problem ?  Is it the right time ? What resources do you have to help you ?

Observe how I grow. When the environment around me is compacted and poor, I thrive, sending my tap root into the soil for stability and keeping my head down. I focus on growing, flowering and sending out seeds for future growth. Letting them hitch a ride with unwary travellers or laying low on the soil waiting for the right time to germinate. Keeping grounded and focused I have a gift for survival in tough circumstances through resilience and resourcefulness.  

My Journey with this Flower Being.

Sometimes the only green patches in my lawn in Queensland were the feathery tops of the bindii. A bane of every childhood barefoot excursion. They will draw blood, puncture bike tyres are leave you doing the Bindii hop or the Bindii shuffle ( ask anyone who has stepped on them what this is) across the yard.

While working with a patch of them I started to listen to the story of her resourcefulness. The worse the conditions and environment the more bindiis. They have the ability to grow and out compete the lawn ( and this is mostly where we find them ) easily taking up any spot that is left bare and unproductive. What could I learn from this ? The prickly little problems arise when we neglect the soil, environment of which they grow. I thought about the things that had got out of hand in my life and I could see that it was where I had neglected the environment around me that the prickly situations had arisen. Sometimes, in anger,  I had stuck my head up ( or nose in ) at the wrong time, making a situation worse instead of letting it play out so that I could see the underlying ground on which it had grown. Deploying my resources too early. Sometimes I had stuck my head in the sand and refused to deal with a problem before it had got out of hand. Deploying my resources too late. Timing was a big key to help me deal with things the first time round. Looking at what was out of balance in my environment that allowed this situation to become a problem. It’s easier to make better judgement calls if you aren’t already doing the Bindii Hop.  



This Mist is infused with :

The Hydrosol of :

Peppermint Geranium – (Pelargonium tomentosum) The Earthiness of geranium balances and grounds us. The freshness of the peppermint helps to clear the connection between Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.

The Flower Essences of:

Green Bindii Flower - (Soliva sessilis) – Resolution, Resilience, Resourceful.

The Essential Oils which Gently Complement this Mist are :

Kunzea – (Kunzea ambigua) – Helps ease pain and clear emotional blockages.

Bergamot – ( Citrus aurantium bergamia) Clearing, Releasing and Uplifting.

Peppermint Geranium – (Pelargonium tomentosum) The Earthiness of geranium balances and grounds us. The freshness of the peppermint helps to clear the connection between Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.


The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you will be able to find your Courage, resourcefulness, resilience and RE-Solve your prickly situations. To get out of the Bindii patch and dig down to the roots of the situation, creating a Solution that benefits all involved.


Many Flower Blessings

Blended Mist
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