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The Meridian Mists

Large Intestine Meridian 
Metal Element

(Phytolacca octandra )

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Flower Essence of Inkweed - Phytolacca octandra

Healing Mantras


" I Value Myself and Choose Wisely For My Highest Good.”

“I Release All That No Longer Serves Me."



​​​​ Use these mantras or be guided to find your own to work with.

Meridian – Large Intestine Meridian.

Chakras - Third Eye and Crown.



The Large Intestine Meridian.


​​The Inkweed Plant or Red Inkberry is a member of the Phytocacca genus which also contains the American Pokeroot plant. Poke root is used by traditional herbalists to stimulate lymphatics to help release wastes from the body.


Physical Description and Energetic Associations.


The flowers for this plant are variable in colour, starting with a soft creamy pink and becoming a deep cerise as the season progresses. The swell of the seed capsule is prominent and can be seen on flowers that are still creamy or on flowers that have gone to the deep pink. The seed capsule swells and turns a deep inky purple as it ripens. This plant has no real petals, instead the sepals surround the seed capsule which swells and turns a deep inky purple colour as it ripens.


The flowers come on long racemes which slowly ripen from bottom to top, undergoing a transformative colour change in the process.

The process of Release is also one of transformative change. Like the Large Intestine meridian, we can take time to digest, process and release our emotional states. Taking what Learning and nutrition we need and releasing what is no longer serves us.

The metal element is one of, Reflection, Refining, Release and Reverence for ourselves in the process. White is the colour correspondence of the metal element. The flowers on the Inkweed start their journey as a creamy white colour. As they progress through the process, they change from white, to a deep red and as the berry forms it changes from a green to deep inky purple.

As metal goes through the process of refinement it too changes colour, each colour stage representing a phase in the foundry and forging process.


Part of the energetic signature of this plant is the ink like juice from the berries. Resonating to a part of our soul journey that may have written contracts in our past. The inkberry reminds us that all of our Journey is mutable, changeable. In our life now, we can change the terms of our contracts or indeed re-write them as needed for our highest good. As we proceed on our Journey we have more information and experience on which to re-evaluate our options. If these old contracts we have made for ourselves no longer serve us, we are freed to re-write, refine or release ourselves from them.



The 3 main sections of the large intestine process are represented in the transforming colour changes of the Inkweed flower.

The Ascending Colon,  Reflection -The initial phase where things are still being processed, water and some nutrient are still being taken. When we have completed a 5 Element Creation Cycle and are coming to the end it is time to start evaluating. Reflecting on the worth of the things experienced and learned. The first phase is Reflection. Looking back as we start the ascent back to the spiritual perspective. As the experiences begin to flower in our mind, what have we learned?

Transverse Colon - Refining - of our experiences. The plateau where we feel like we aren't moving. In this levelling out, we are actually traversing the ground, refining and distilling as we move across. Taking the right nutrition and value from our experiences. Evaluating what worked and what didn't, what we learned about ourselves. Discarding the dross and keeping the purified essence.

Descending Colon -  Release - Once our experiences have been refined, we turn the corner and begin the shedding process. We have gained the inspiration, insight and wisdom we need from the Current Creation cycle and begin to let go of what no longer serves us. Discarded patterns and ways of being begin their decent back to earth to be recycled and transformed into nutrition for the new cycle. The refined essence from the Current completed cycle ascends back to spirit to reunite this learning with our spiritual core.

This is a process, the speed of which is governed by our ability to reflect. Refine and release our experiences and take the positive learnings.  Some experiences we let go of easily, others hang on until we have gained all the value we can from them and all phases can be happening at once.  If we can't let go of something there is more for us to know about ourselves here. In the metal element we refining our spiritual path. How does holding on to something serve, not serve me ? What do I need to re-evaluate, release.

In completion of the 5 Element Cycle. We have taken our Seed Essence (Water Element) gained the value of trial and experience, growth and change(Wood Element ). Joyfully gained self-insight from relationships (Fire Element) and given material form to our labours(Earth Element ). As Metal nourishes Water, we take these refinements and with great Reverence, nourish the new seed, which starts us again on a new cycle of creative adventure.


​​​​​My Journey with this Flower Being.

This weedy species appears in gardens all over South East Queensland. It is spread primarily by birds, who use it as a food source and seem to be immune to any toxic effect of the plant. It self-seeded readily in my garden underneath the trees that the birds would sit in. When trying to pull it out the first thing you notice is the thick tap root. Burrowing deep into the soil. The stems are soft and flesh and the plant usually breaks off leaving most of the root below the soil. This then resprouts and grows again.

In Tasmania the species most prevalent as weedy here is the Pokeroot of herbal use, Phytolacca americana. While it is a useful herbal lymphatic herb, it is used with great caution as its toxicity is well noted.

It has made its presence in my new garden, popping up under the bird trees similar to its tropical cousin. The flowers and seeds are slightly different but still hold the same energetic signature.

It dies right down through the winter months and its deeply imbedded tap root has resisted my attempts to remove it completely. The cycle continues 😊


The Message from the Inkberry and Pokeroot.

Pay attention to the cycles in your life. Each one a creation of your soul’s purpose. Showing you what has value and reverence in your life and what is worthy of your energy and attention. Go deep into your motives for holding onto things that have completed their use. What can you learn about yourself from these motives? Value your Self just for being here at this time. You are the centre of your creative cycle, What do you want it to unfold for you?  

This Mist is infused with :

The Hydrosol of:

Clary Sage – ( Salvia sclarea) Grounding, Uplifting and Inspiring.

The Flower Essences of:

Inkweed ( Red Inkberry ) – (Phytolacca octandra) – Reflection, Refinement, Reverence

The Essential Oils which Gently Compliment this Mist are :

Cypress – ( Cupressus sempervirons stricta) Transformation, Movement, Stability.

Eucalyptus – Clearing the Heart Space and allowing us to breathe deeply of life. Removing any stagnant energy and opening the way for inspiration.

The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you are able to work deeply and with Reverence for your Own Creative Cycles of Life.  


Many Flower Blessings

Blended Mist
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