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The Blended Mists

Happy Heart Mist

Happy Heart Mist


Heart Chakra Healing

Heart and Heart Protectors Meridian

"My Heart Is Whole Happy and Full of Joy"




Happy Heart brings warmth, Illumination and Sunshine back into our heart chakra after times of loss, grief or sadness or loneliness. It helps us find and reignite our Inner Spark of Joy.


The healing Mantra that came with this Mist is:


“My Heart Is Whole Happy and Full of Joy”



This Mist is infused with :


The Flower and Vibrational Essences of:


Divine Pink Water Lily -  Compassion for Ourselves

Pink Lavender - Be Gentle with Ourselves and Others,

Pink Violet  Heart protection while easing the way around obstacles.

Purple Violet - Heart Healing Through Transformation of Heavy Emotions.

Mustard Flower – Harmony. Helps allow digestion and integration of emotional states.

Giant Sunflower - Allows the sun to shine into our hearts to rekindle the joy of life.

Golden Wattle – Sunshine after the rain. Helps lift the gloom.

Golden Lantern - Illuminates the Heart

Essence of 24 C Gold – Everlasting Eternal Heart


The Hydrosol of :

Rose Geranium – (Pelargonium graveolens) Balancing, Calming and Rejuvenating especially to the Heart Chakra.

The Essential Oils which Gently Compliment this Mist are :


Rose Geranium – Balancing, Calming and Rejuvenating especially to the Heart Chakra.

Patchouli – (Pogostemon cablin) – Rejuvenation, Warming, Reconnecting.

Peppermint Geranium – (Pelargonium tomentosum) The Earthiness of geranium balances and grounds us. The freshness of the peppermint helps to clear the connection between Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.

Lavender – ( Lavandula sp) Soothing, Calming and Promoting Healing.

Vetiver – ( Vetiveria Zizanoides) Deeply Grounding and Stabilizing and Nourishing.

Ylang Ylang – (Cananga odorata) Calming and Centring. Cool and Moist it helps clear heat from of the heart. Promoting the Calmness and Stability.



The Journey for Me :

For me the Journey to create this Mist was at a time when a few people close to me had passed away. After the initial grief the process of being able to find the Happy Memories without feeling overwhelmed by sadness and loss. I found myself laughing at things and then feeling guilty that I could laugh. I wondered how long I was supposed not to laugh. All these emotions on top of the loss and others around me dealing with the loss as well. So much has been written about the process of grief that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. I found the process of working through this mist help me know that, for me, the timing was right to let the sun in, to reconnect with the heart space. Each Essence shone a little more understanding into my life about how we process loneliness, grief and loss. The natural joyful lightness of my heart did rebound and left me with a deeper appreciation for those in my life and the importance of being Joyful for them everyday.


The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, it may help you to shine the light of compassion and love into your heart and know yourself on a deeper level through times of grief, loss and loneliness. To be able to rekindle your Joyful Heart and find a deeper wholeness.


Flower Blessings.

Blended Mist
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