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The Blended Mists

Blended Mists are Gentle Blends of Flower Essences, Hydrosols, Aromatic Tinctures and Essential Oils. 

Blended Mists bring together more than one Flower Essence, Crystal Elixirs, Sound Healing Vibrations and Elemental Connections .

Each of the Essences and Elixirs I have created over the years and seasons with focus and attention to the timing of Celestial Events, Earth Vibrations and Inner Personal Journeying.


No synthetic fragrances are used. The dilution rate for the essential oils is called a vibrational dilution as only a very small amount of essential oils are used ( less than 1 %).  This honours the plants by using only what we need to allow a deep connection to the energy of the oil. It keeps the fragrance soft and gentle allowing us to deeply immerse ourselves in the Mist. Each Meridian Mist comes with the Healing card which provides a focus for a meditative practice with the mist. Using the mist for a kinergetic engagement, the image on the card for visual engagement and the sound vibration of a Mantra or Affirmation for auditory engagement, these mists work deeply with the subtle energy fields of the body.

Blue Rose Clearance - Aura Clearing

Happy Home - Home and Space Clearing

Happy Heart - Heart Chakra Healing

Earth Seed - Grounding

FOM - Feminine and Masculine Balance

Om Shanti Om - Peace

Yogalicious - Honouring Yourself

Rainbow Light - Integration

Heartsease - Gentle Heart Healing

S.O.S. - Clearing and Protection.

Blended Mist
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