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Invokes the powerful cleansing and personal insight of Salt and Sage, Smoke and Oil.

S.O.S. - Spirit of Sage, Spirit of Salt, Spirit of Smoke, Shift out Stuff, Sense of Soul. This mist sends a smoke signal to our Spiritual Helpers that we need some extra help right now. Australian grown Grandfather sage and Tasman Sea Salt clear the way and the Lemon Myrtle cleanses our energetic field so that we can better hear, see or feel our guidance.

I originally made this one for Evie Blair from Blair Kinesiology who needed something with white sage to help her clients shift out stuff as she was working on them. I use it also in my kinesiology and energy healings to help release the energetic baggage that can get stuck in and around peoples energy fields. It give a great clearing so that we can get to the heart of the matter.

I also used it extensively in my house as we were preparing to make the move from QLD to Tassie. It helped me shift out the stuff that we could not take. It was a hugely cathartic experience to go through the accumulated “stuff” of your life and examine everything for “value”. What will make the cut and what wont, why am I attached to this “thing”. It was interesting to see what held emotional value and what didn’t. I got to examine my reasons for holding on to material things. It is a deeply educational experience.

I have been asked the difference between Happy Home and S.O.S. for house clearing. This is how I feel they are different. Happy Home is an amazing house and space cleanser and balancer, working with Mother Earths and the occupants meridians to bring alignment and Harmony. S.O.S. helps us to acknowledge the reasons why we keep things in our space and what energy potential they have to use. When we consciously know how they affect our energy we can consciously decide what we really need and what we don’t.

When taking the picture for this mist for the label, I was asking for the Spirit of the Smoke to say hello. Love the little smoke elemental turned up for the pic.

The Essential Oils in this mist are Australian grown White Sage ( Salvia apiana ) and Australian grown Lemon Myrtle ( Backhousia citriodora ) .