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The Blended Mists

Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om


This mist stemmed from my love of Mantra Chanting especially with a group of people. On World Sound Healing Day in 2014 a group of like minded souls gathered in the Lotus Bell Tent and we Chanted the Mantra for Peace “Om Shanti Om” for a few hours. The Vibration on the mantra and Rose Quartz helped to start the essence for this mist. Connecting with people from around the world to create powerful vibrational shifts for the planet. World Sound Healing Day is Feb 14th Valentines day and is by a creative group of world sound healers.  


The Mantras for this Mist are:

“Om Shanti Om “


“Dona nobis pacem”

“I Am Peace”

“Peace Be with You “


You can use these or be guided to use your own.


This Mist is infused with :


The Flower and Vibrational Essences of:


Peace Rose “Chicago Peace”  -  Peace , Love and Compassion through division and adversity.

Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love

Om Shanti Om Mantra Chant  - There is only Peace. I am Peace. 


The Hydrosol of :

Rose Geranium – (Pelargonium graveolens) Balancing, Calming and Rejuvenating especially to the Heart Chakra.

The Essential Oils which Gently Compliment this Mist are :


Rose Geranium – Balancing, Calming and Rejuvenating especially to the Heart Chakra.

Lavender – ( Lavandula sp) Soothing, Calming and Promoting Healing.

Rosemary – (Salvia Rosmarinus) Vitalizing, Remembrance of Our True Path, Self Confidence.

Rosalina.- ( Melaleuca ericifolia ) Calming and Clearing. Helps to open the heart chakra so that we can breathe deeply of life.

Aromatic Tincture of :

Rose – (Rosa Gallica) Love, Trust, Nourishing and Supportive.


The Journey for Me :

After working with the Mantra essence , In my garden I had a Chicago Peace rose. A few days after World Sound Healing Day. This Rose put on an amazing flush of perfect blooms, so I made the flower essence from that rose. Sticking my face in a Rose and breathing deeply, I cannot help but feel Peace, Love and Joy.

The Peace Rose has an amazing story of survival, being smuggled out of France during the Second World War. The Journey is detailed in the Book “For Love of a Rose” by Antonia Ridge. It became a  Symbol of Hope for Peace in the world. I am always amazed at the way humans will treasure and connect with plants and flowers and this is an amazing story.

Spreading Peace. The Peace Rose has birthed a new generation of Hardy Roses for almost any garden and reignited a love of Rose growing for any people. The Chicago Peace Rose, from which the first essence was made,  is a descendant of the original budwood spirited out of France from the Meilland Rose Farm in France. In my new Garden in Tasmania, I now have a Climbing Peace Rose to remind me outwardly of the Inner Peace that is there for all of us.

The continuing journey for me is to keep finding that place of peace in my heart and practice letting it flow into my life. It is one that I work with continually. I get distracted by events in the world and find my Store of Peace and Calm  dwindles. I use the Roses, mists and mantra to help me keep the trust that “There is Only Peace and Love.” Everything else is a distraction. It helps to look around me at the amazing people in my life, following their dreams and passion. To see the leaders of conscious humanity putting down roots for a peaceful world. Creative projects like World Sound Healing Day are externalized proof for me that Humans are amazing, loving and peaceful beings.


The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, it may help you to find the Peaceful Part of yourself. To nurture it and let it expand and blossom. To be able to find others around you that are also resonating with the vibration of Peace and spread that vibration as far and wide as possible.


My Favourite Roses.

Peace, Chicago Peace, Papa Meiland, Blue Moon, Angel Face, As Good As it Gets. Apothecary’s Rose,  Rugosa Scabrosa. ( and any I get to Stick My Face in 😊 )

Flower Blessings.

Blended Mist
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