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The Meridian Mists

Central Meridian 
Miranda Magnolia

(Magnolia grandiflora)


Meridian – Conception Vessel,  Central Meridian.

Chakra- Balances All Chakras  

​Healing Mantras

" In Stillness I Find My Inner Balance "

“ I Find My Perfection Within”

Flower Essence of Magnolia grandiflora- 'Little Gem "


The Conception Vessel receives the energy from the Governing Meridian at the Perineum. From the Stillness of the receptive feminine, the creative aspect of the Feminine rises to fulfilment.

​Physical Description and Energetic Associations

This beautiful and hardy shrub is a joy to have in any size garden. It can survive on practically any soil type and will take dry or wet conditions. I have grown it in the sandy, dry conditions in Southern Queensland to the cool moist ferrous clay soils of Tasmania. She is a survivor and manages to balance herself in many different condition. Tough and adaptable.

The stunning white flowers glow like a precious gem set into the deep, glossy green foliage. The petals are plain and the purest white with no need for the adornment of frills or ruffles. Strength through simplicity. While looking delicate, they are strong and remain attached to the flower until it turns brown.

The leaves are deepest green and tough with velvety brown undersides firmly attached to the woody stems. It brings in the qualities of connection and groundedness, providing the perfect setting for the luminous flower blossoms.

​Her large seed pods are reminiscent of the ovaries with many seeds or vibrant orange bursting forth when the time is right for a new creation.

As all the colour vibrations are contained within the white blossom, it nurtures the meridian and chakra systems feeding into it the colours needed for balance. 

The Message from Miranda Magnolia

"Be still and let the universe come to you. Small movements and an openness for creation, make the space for all you need to come before you. Less is More and in Stillness you can let go of movement for movements sake,  let go of busyness, then with your hands empty, gently cup them to receive."


My Journey with this Flower Being

As I’ve connected with Miranda Magnolia, I learned a lot about the quality of Stillness. The art of doing nothing to achieve more. It has been one of my most valuable and longest lessons.

In meditation with her I saw a beautiful pond. I was floating cross legged on it and could see a beautiful glowing white magnolia blossom of the other side. The more I tried to reach out for it the more ripples I created and the further away it went. Then the image of the pure white blossom of the Magnolia showed me a picture of me sitting still in the water and gently stroking the surface toward me. As I did the ripples calmed, and the blossom started to move in my direction. The stiller I became, the easier it was for the blossom to reach me. I could see my reflection in the water, and as I clamed a white glow began to surround me. I stopped moving the water and focused on the glow and the blossom moved more quickly toward me until it was touching my feet. I dissolved into the luminous white glow of the blossom and felt a deep sense of peace, calm and perfection. A perfect state of doing through not doing.

In the Meditation for this Essence, she told me that her name was Miranda, When I looked up the meaning of Miranda it was "worthy to be admired" a very fitting name for this beautiful being.​ The luminosity of creation and perfection, reminding us that we are all complete and perfect already, all we need to do is be still, look inward and see that perfection.

Over time 2 Mantras have worked with this mist. They are :

"I Find My Perfection Within "

“ In Stillness I Find My Inner Balance “

Use these or be guided to find your own to work with.

This Mist is infused with :

The Hydrosol of :

Eucalyptus – Clearing the Heart Space and allowing us to breathe deeply of life. Removing any stagnant energy and opening the way for inspiration.  

The Flower Essences of:

Magnolia “Little Gem” – Stillness, Balance, Perfection.

The Essential Oils which Gently Complement this Mist are :

Blue Gum – Eucalyptus globulus. Clearing the Heart Space and allowing us to breathe deeply of life. Removing any stagnant energy and opening the way for inspiration.  

​Ylang Ylang – (Cananga odorata) Calming and Centring. Cool and Moist it helps clear heat from of the heart. Promoting the Calmness and Stability. Connects us to softness and sensuality.

Sweet Fennel – (Foeniculum vulgare) Clears stagnated energy, thoughts and creative processes. Opens the way for self-confident expression.

Rose Geranium – (Pelargonium graveolens) Cool and Moist it tonifys Yin energy, balancing and bringing a sense of calmness and security.

Neroli .- ( Flowers of Citrus aurantium amara ) Eases mental and emotional tension. Unifying, harmonising and balancing it soothes the nervous system and uplifts the spirit.

Petitgrain - ( Leaves of Citrus aurantium amara ) Revitalising, Restoring and Balancing.



The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you will find that its gentle energetics help you to restore a sense of Calm, Stillness and Balance. To connect deeply with your own Perfection and allow creative abundance to lap softly at your feet.


Many Flower Blessings

Blended Mist
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