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The Meridian Mists

Small Intestine Meridian 
Fire Element

(Celosia argentia)

Celosia Colours.JPG


Flower Essence of Celosia argentia

Healing Mantra

"I Transform All Experiences into Joyous Expressions of Love"


 Use this mantra or be guided to find your own to work with.


Meridian – Small Intestine Meridian.

Chakra- Base, Sacral, Solar and Heart


The Small Intestine Meridian.



​Physical Description and Energetic Associations


The different Colours of the flowers represent the different Intensities of Transformative Fire. The Flame shape is evident in the shape of the flower. Recognizing that to successfully manifest, I must take responsibility for my present situation so that I can consciously transform my Life and move into my highest potential. We control the flame that we use and the intensity of our experiences. There can be Joy in every situation.



My Journey with this Flower Being

This Flower being is a continual companion. Being in the moment and seeing the joy in each moment is, for me, a process that I have to consciously work at. I have to admit that moving to Tasmania has helped. Our beautiful landscape is always a Joy to behold and the seasonal changes are a reminder that Joy is a transformative process and also has it’s seasons.

Sitting with this essence in new surroundings and contemplating Joy after the last few years of change, what did it mean to me ?

For me Joy isn’t the huge bubbling spring of giddiness and elation that I had sometimes thought of as Joy. I found that it was the ability for me to transform my view point and find the upside of every moment, no matter how dark. I had to take the time out to see it, to really look at my situation and decide how wonderful it is. Joy then became a freedom to choose my interpretation of events and decide my reaction. As I said, a constant challenge but one that has transformative rewards.

I am fortunate to be in my situation and by holding the vibration of Joy as often as I can, I am holding  a frequency that can ripple outward into the world. If I can envision a world where everyone has the Choice to feel Joy and hold that vibration long enough and often enough it just might happen.

It will certainly be closer to happening than if I don’t do this.  

A ripple of Joy connecting the hearts of humankind around the world. By connecting in with people and places that are consciously sending out the vibration of Love and Joy in to the world I am adding my voice and frequency to the wave of transformation encircling the Planet.

The Message from the Celosia

No matter how big or small your flame , it is a sacred flame of spirit. Sometimes only the tiniest light is needed to light up the darkest places. Transformation requires a letting go of the old forms and a complete trust in the process. It takes courage and determination to light the way for yourself and others. You are the keeper of the flame, you decide how bright it needs to be at any given time. Trust that you know when to light the bonfire and when to strike a match.

This Mist is infused with :

The Hydrosol of :

Rosemary – (Salvia Rosmarinus) Vitalizing, Remembrance of Our True Path, Self Confidence.

The Flower Essences of:

Celosia – (Celosia argentia)

The Essential Oils which Gently Compliment this Mist are :

Juniper – Warming, Stimulation, Empowering.

Kunzea – (Kunzea ambigua) – Helps ease pain and clear emotional blockages.

Rosalina.- ( Melaleuca ericifolia ) Calming and Clearing. Helps to open the heart chakra so that we can breathe deeply of life.


The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you will find the same power for transformation in your life that I did. In finding that we have the power to choose how we respond, to find the spark of joy and hold the flame for others to discover theirs.


Many Flower Blessings

Blended Mist
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