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The Blended Mists

Earth Seed - Grounding, Connection, 

Earth Seed


Flower Essence Bunya Nut Tree  -  Araucaria bidwillii


Healing Mantra

"I Am Wholly Connected to the Spiral of Life."

"I Am Grounded, Centred and Peaceful."



 Use this mantra or be guided to find your own to work with.

Grounding, Centring and Connecting us Deeply to our Core Essence. 

Earth Seed Enhances Our Connection to Different Parts of the Mother Earth and Nature Consciousness.

​​​​​Physical Description and Energetic Associations


This Ancient Tree vibrates with the energy of Spirals. From the Seed to the branches, all are inter connected with beautiful spiralling energy. The seed from which this essence is made shows a grid like net around the outside of the nut. The centre or core is a network of spiralling sacred geometric structures.

Bunya Nut Trees are truly majestic and can grow up to 60m when fully grown. Their distinctive crowns and height making them easily identifiable in the landscape. Bunya Nuts need to grow in communities of trees as they are wind pollinated and the nuts only grow on the female trees.

It can take up to 18months for a Cone ( the nuts are actually the seeds of the cone ) to fully ripen. The part that is edible is the seed that is protected by layers of husk and the hard casing of the cone. Getting into Bunya Cones takes a little know how and patience but it is definitely worth it. They are nutritious and tasty, like a nutty potato.

The Energy of this Majestic Tree speaks of Community, Ancient wisdom, and a reconnection to a focus on caring for the Earth and the Environment as part of our lives.  It also speaks of respect as the Bunya tree is sharp and spiky, making sure you know when you’ve made contact. Being around them when they are dropping cones also takes respect as each cone can weigh up to 10 kg and there is no doubt when is grounds itself.


My Journey with this Tree Being


My Journey to the Heart of this Beautiful Healing Mist, started with finding some Beautiful Bunya Cones by the Side of the Road near Tallebudgera. I couldn’t see any trees at first but then I turned around and looked back up the hill and there standing proudly were 3 Bunya Nut trees.

So begins the number 3. 3 trees, on the top of the cone I picked up were three points facing inward. I was later to discover that the Bunya Nuts fruit about every 3 years.

I picked up a cone to take with me.

A few weeks later, I woke at 3 in the morning on the eve of the Chinese New year, the Year of theWwater Dragon, I had to make this Bunya Essence today. I could hear her gently urging me to be ready at dawn. From 3 till dawn, now full awake, I sat in meditation with the Bunya nut, travelling to the Heart of Bunya Nut Consciousness. In my Meditation I felt the sense of Connection to the Earths Consciousness. The ancient energy of the spiral wisdom. I felt the joy that the celebration of feasting on the nuts and connecting to community.

Just before dawn I took my Beautiful Cone out to the garden, I placed her under my Miranda Magnolia  tree, as this is the feminine part of my garden. Surrounded by the beautiful Miranda, I placed the bowl on top of the cone so that all the beautiful spiral energy would be passed into the essence.  I got my camera ready and took some quick photos, it was still a little dark, As I took the next  photo, the sun illuminated the back of the bowl, The first rays of the sun on this new day in a new lunar year. In that instant the essence was done.

I carried her back inside , cradled like a baby, as I opened the door, the top segments of the cone fell off revealing the inner core of her. This was my gift from her, the space where the segments fell out was the exact size of the bowl I had used. I paced the bowl into the nut to make this new essence of her inner core. Her gift to me. The Beauty of looking into the Inner Core.

My Meditation with her at this point started to bring in her wisdom,

Connecting with the Core of Our earth mother, This meant Gaia and also our Mothers as both have combined to give birth to us. Helping Heal our relationships with our Inner core, Our Earth and Our Mothers. ( I had plenty of work to do here.)

It was also about establishing our own direct contact with the consciousness that is the Earth, Gaia, Earth Mother, Sofia, PachaMama ,Jörð , Papatūānuku   or whichever name your tradition gives to this beautiful conscious embodiment of our planet. How do we give appreciation to the planetary being who supports us all our lives and to which we return ourselves?

Everything we need for our physical survival comes directly from her, how do I interact with her on a one to one level, rather than as an abstract concept?

The web of connectedness that joins the consciousness of all on the planet. I felt this connection growing stronger and stronger over the next few days as I used this Healing Mist.

A few weeks later I got invited to go to the Bunya Dreaming Festival that was being held at Baroon Pocket Dam.

What an awesome day! We connected and feasted on Bunya nuts, played Bunya games, listened to Bunya poetry and stories. I got to connect with the heart of people who LOVE Bunya Nuts even more than me. I heard some beautiful stories, one particularly about the spiral in the cone connecting us all. This really sat in my heart about what I felt this essence was about.


This Mist is infused with :

Hydrosol of :

Eucalyptus – Clearing the Heart Space and allowing us to breathe deeply of life. Removing any stagnant energy and opening the way for inspiration. 


The Flower Essence of:

Bunya Nut Tree -  Araucaria biwilli


The Essential Oils which Gently Compliment this Mist are :

Kunzea – (Kunzea ambigua) – Helps ease pain and clear emotional blockages.

White Sage – (Salvia apiana) Cleansing, Clearing, Balancing.

Ylang Ylang – (Cananga odorata) Calming and Centring. Cool and Moist it helps clear heat from the heart. Promoting the Calmness and Stability. Connects us to softness and sensuality.

The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist you can find a deep sense of being grounded in the ancient roots of this Earths conscious being. You are a part of the Nature and wholeness of this world. We are all wrapped in the spiral of manifestation and spirit alive on this planet. We are all Earth Seeds.

Many Flower Blessings

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