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The Meridian Mists

Bladder Meridian 
Water Element

(Borago officinalis)

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Meridian - Bladder

Chakras - Heart, Throat, Third Eye

​Healing Mantra

" I Receive Clear Communication from My Higher Self and Heart. I Trust My Intuition. "


Use this or be guided to find your own to work with.

Flower Essence of Borage (Borago officinalis blue and white)


​Physical Description and Energetic Associations.


Borage is also known as Star Flower and it’s flower shape is a crisp star of Blue or White. Blue borage sometimes also changes colour and an individual bloom can range from pink to purple while the one next to it is blue. White Borage doesn’t seem to change it’s colour maintaining a crisp white tone.

​The flower buds, stems and leaves are covered in little hairs and are reminiscent of bristling antenna, opening up the communication of the subtlest vibrations. Like our own Intuitive antenna that allows us to sense the smallest changes in the energy landscape around us.

This essence was made using starlight to further enhance the intuitive aspect of using our alternate senses.  

Not everything has to be seen in the full light of the day, the starlight allows us to see things that the bright light of day may blind us to. In the starlight, the lines of differentiation are blurred, things are neither black nor white but varying shades of silver and grey. In low light levels we see better when we don’t look directly at the subject. We activate our extra senses and learn to trust our inner Intuition.

The Message from the Star Flower

Allow your focus to soften and relax. Open your extra senses to the finest changes in the vibrations around you. What do you feel or see or know instinctively about the situation ? Turn your sight inward for the best source of knowing. Bring into your awareness all that you are, all your wisdom and experience. What does your inner knowing tell you about the situation ? Trust your Intuition, all the smallest inputs from your senses. You know and are aware of all that goes on around you on the subtlest levels. Take heart that you instinctively know what to do.  

My Journey with this Flower Being

I have loved this herb from the first time I saw its clear blue star flowers. It has been a constant companion in every garden I have made over the years. Bringing its bounty for the Bees and other flying foragers. I love to use it in fermentations and food. Most of all I love it’s gentle guidance on trust. When I moved to Tasmania I was given some white borage seeds. For me the flowers of the white borage give a sense of clarity and crystalize the intuitive process.

Working with it in mediation, I have learned that the stiller I become the clearer I can sense all the little things that are in play. When I have been trying to make a decision and my head has been loudly voicing it’s thoughts, I like to connect with the Borage plant and all those little antennas. His helps me to feel into a situation, feel the currents and underlying flows that are going on. Bringing that awareness into my consciousness I might get a different perspective. I might see a compromise or a solution that isn’t black or white but may be beneficial to all involved. It helps me to know how my heart feels about a situation. Once I have this connection to the heart, I can easily trust my intuition.

This Mist is infused with :

The Hydrosol of :

Clary Sage – ( Salvia sclarea) Grounding, Uplifting and Inspiring. Help clarification in Inner Sight.

The Flower Essences of:

Borage Blue and White – (Borago officinalis)  – Clarity, Trust, Intuition.

The Essential Oils which Gently Complement this Mist are :

Juniper – Warming, Stimulation, Empowering.

​ Clary Sage – ( Salvia sclarea) Grounding, Uplifting and Inspiring.

Vetiver – ( Vetiveria Zizanoides) Deeply Grounding and Stabilizing and Nourishing.


The Journey For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you will come to a deep knowledge of yourself. Being able to reach your inner intuitive guidance easily and with loving trust.


Many Flower Blessings

Blended Mist
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