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The Meridian Mists

Stomach Meridian 
Earth Element
Mustard Flower

(Mustard Flower - Brassica nigra)




Flower Essence Mustard Flower -  Brassica nigra

Healing Mantra

 "My Compassion Creates Harmony”

“I Nourish and Support Myself"


​​​​ Use this mantra or be guided to find your own to work with.


Meridian – Stomach Meridian.

Chakra- Solar Plexus and Heart



The Stomach Meridian.


The Stomach and Spleen meridians work together to breakdown and move the nourishment around the body harmoniously.


​​​​​Physical Description and Energetic Associations


The vibrant yellow of the mustard flower gives a boost of dynamic solar energy to the solar plexus chakra and stomach meridian, prompting us to look at our own sources of nutrition for Body, Mind and Spirit. Each flower of the Mustard inflorescence, takes in the solar energy and uses it bloom individually and in its own time. After flowering and pollination the energy is transformed and the seeds begin to form, coming together to create the seed pod surrounding and protecting the individual seeds within.  In group dynamics, compassionate understanding of differencing perspectives can create a protective space, harmony of purpose and more productive fruition of group goals.

Understanding our own individual essence as part of any group dynamic makes a solid basis for our contributions. When we take the responsibility to compassionately nourish ourselves in the way that is best for us, we can then fully express our individuality. We feel nurtured, nourished and satisfied. From this place of responsible stability, we can then support others to achieve their individual best.


My Journey with this Flower Being.

The plants for this essence were a left over packet of seeds that I found in the back of my seed cupboard. They were a few years out of date and had slipped by my planting schedule. Thinking that they wouldn’t germinate, I threw them onto the garden to be incorporated into mulch for a new garden bed.

I think everyone of them germinated. I had a bed full of these little seedlings, growing so thick I couldn’t see the mulch. As they started to flower, the vibrancy of the yellow flowers warmed my core. They stood out like a Hi- Vis marker in the garden. I knew I had to spend sometime with them to fully digest the meaning they had at this time for me. Mediating with the vibrant flowers, I got a sense of unity and harmony. They were overcrowded but still managed to thrive and prosper, sharing the resources of their environment. Soaking up the solar energy, I watched them day after day as they transformed from bud to flower, to tiny pod. Finally swelling into the ripe mustard seed pods ready to burst and begin the cycle once again.

Watching the flowers bloom, I noticed how many bees were attracted to the flowers. Bringing in their own buzzing vibrancy of harmony, communication and organization to the energy of these flowers.

I still leave plenty of brassica flowers in my new garden to provide food and habitat for the bees and other insects that use their Hi-Vis solar powered flowers for nourishment, creating harmony for all.


The Message from the Mustard Flower

Energize your own solar self by nourishing yourself with all you need for a vibrant life. Make the responsibility for self-nourishment of your Body, Mind, Spirit your priority. When you look to creating within you a place of Harmony, Compassion and satisfaction you can then radiate it back out into the world. Creating a vibration of Self Confidence, Self-Nurture and Self-acceptance that will inspire those around you.


This Mist is infused with :

Aromatic Tinctures of:

Dill Seed – ( Anethum graveolens) Helps to digest and integrate emotions. Nourishes and supports the integration of Body Mind Spirit.

Peppermint Geranium – (Pelargonium tomentosum) The Earthiness of geranium balances and grounds us. The freshness of the peppermint helps to clear the connection between Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras


The Flower Essences of:

Mustard Flower -  Brassica nigra

The Essential Oils which Gently Compliment this Mist are :

Sweet Fennel – ( Foeniculum vulgare) Clears stagnated energy, thoughts and creative processes. Opens the way for self-confident expression.

Eucalyptus – Clearing the Heart Space and allowing us to breathe deeply of life. Removing any stagnant energy and opening the way for inspiration. 

The Journey For You :

Nourish and Support Yourself. Only you can know what you need to Flourish. Focus on Yourself. Stay centred and grounded.


Many Flower Blessings

Blended Mist
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