Rainbow Light



This Mist was made for use in Kinesiology. It works with integration which is important to Kinesiology Balancing. It helps to Integrate different aspects of ourselves represented in Kinesiology By Left / Right , Up / Down, Front and Back

This Mist is infused with :


The Flower Essences of:

Dandelion which integrates left and right, Carrot Flower for Up/Down Integration, Pink Lily for Heart Wisdom Integration and Inkweed Meridian Mist for release of Old Patterns


The Vibrational Essence of:

Bee Hive for help with Internal communicaton and organization.


The Essential Oils which Gently Complement this Mist are :

Ginger, Juniper, Rose Geranium and Fennel.


The Journey :

For me the Journey to create this Mist helped me to recognize where I could integrate more of myself into the physical world. Working with the Dandelion helped me to work with bigger picture celestial concepts and star being information and be able to ground the information for use in my physical manifestation. It helped strengthen the intuitive part of myself and balance that with the reasoning part. It helped me to understand the duality of our world. For everything that is, also is not. To be able to hold opposing concepts, ideas, beliefs and thoughts without having to be attached to them and so cause disharmony. The carrot flower helped me to stay grounded and manifest some earthy creative projects. It helped me to recognize that the brain   ( my head space and reasoning ability ) is an important part of my whole being and to be able to use the best of its virtues in balance with my intuition. The Pink Lily, always my special helper in any matter of the heart, helped me to integrate heart wisdom into my every day life in balance with my Head and Intuition. Inkweed helped with the process of Release. That release is a process to be moved through at an appropriate rate for me so that I could truly get the value from my experiences and be able to release easily that which no longer served me. 


For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you will find the same sense of wholeness that I found by working with this Mist. I hope that you will be able to find and integrate your WholeSelf lovingly and with Joy. 


Flower Blessings.