Flower Essence of the Pollen of Pinus radiata

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of- Bergamot, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon and Patchouli.

Available in 125 ml





Healing Mantra - " I Attract the Strength and Momentum I Need to Support and Sustain My Actions. "


Element _ Yang Principle
Meridian – Governing Meridian

Chakra- Strengthens All Chakras  

Actions - Upwards and Outwards. Warmth, Movement, Expansion.


The Governing Meridian is the masculine principle, it is here at the tail bone that the energy that propels us to experience life enters the body.

The needle like leaves radiate outward and upward expressing yang energy.
The flowers, bunches of cylindrical catkins, are phallic in shape also expressing yang energy and the essence was made with the pollen, which is the culminative yang principle.
These trees are evergreen and their growth habit is vigorous and straight. We use them as timber for building framework and support structures. The masculine principle provides us with the support, structure and protection to nurture the yin principle. 

Pine Pollen Meridian Mist

Yang - Masculine Active