Flower Essence of Citrus latifolia

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of Lavender , Peppermint & Tea Tree 

Available in 125 ml






Healing Mantra

"I Make Appropriate, Timely Decisions. I Remain Strong and Adaptable in Changing Situations"

Element - Wood 

Meridian -  Gall  Bladder 

Chakra- Solar Plexus and Heart

Actions - Growth, Change, Boundaries.


Like the Bindi, the Lime Tree also becomes prickly if left unmanaged. In order to get the best result (fruit) from a situation timely maintenance is required. As the situation changes (season progresses) adaptation and negotiation are required to bring about the best outcome. When we operate from the Heart we operate without fear and so can remain flexible enough to create a win / win situation.

Lime Flower Meridian Mist