Flower Essence of Phytolacca octandra

Healing Mantra 

" I Value Myself and Choose Wisely For My Highest Good. I Release All That No Longer Serves Me."


Meridian – Large Intestine Meridian.

Chakras- Balances   Third Eye and Crown.


A relative of the poke root plant that is traditionally used to get rid of wastes in the body, this essence releases emotional and spiritual patterns that no longer serve our highest good.
It allows us to break old contracts we had with ourselves or others and rewrite new ones as we get better information.  Better information and new experiences allow us to re-evaluate our actions. The final refinement of our resources.

Inkweed Meridian Mist

Metal Element - Refining, Reflecting, Releasing

Available in 125 ml

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of Clary Sage andFrankincense.