Flower Essence of Sambuccus nigra

"As I Breathe, Inspiration Fills Me With Life.
I Am Worthy of All My Beautiful  Creations"


Meridian – Lung Meridian.

Chakras- Balances  Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.


The Branches of the Flower Spikes are reminiscent of the bronchi structure of the Lungs. The Trees drop their leaves in winter with the contraction of the cold, much like the lungs contract in the cold weather. When the warmth of Spring comes they expand to breathe in the new, warm, moist air of Spring. As we progress in the cycle of creation and reach the Metal Element we take the time to reflect on our creations. Breathing In Divine Inspiration and Releasing Our Breath to Create Anew.

Elderflower Meridian Mist

Metal Element - Refining, Reflecting, Releasing

Available in 125 ml

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of Lemon Eucalypt, Tea Tree, Thyme