Flower Essence of Prunus persica

Healing Mantra

"I Am Safe to Manifest My Deepest Desires. My Creativity Unfolds Perfectly. "


​​​​Meridian – Pericardium Meridian.

Chakra- Balances Base and Heart



The soft flowing petals of this beautiful peach, bring a soft enveloping to hold us safely while our deepest desires are brought out into the world. The Pink Colour is the merging in the Heart Centre between  the White of Spirit with the Red of Physical Manifestation. The peach is a sacred tree in China and both the blossom and the fruit are said to confer immortality. When we create from our heart and bring that manifestation to reality to share with others, this is our highest expression of faith in our unlimited creative ability. This tree is a dwarf peach reminding us that our creativity even if small, is beautiful when it blossoms. Dwarf Peach helps soften the Heart Covering so that the Heart Energy can Nourish all the chakras.

Dwarf Peach  Meridian Mist

Fire Element - Passion, Relationships,Joy

Available in 125 ml

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of Lavender, Melissa, Rose Geranium.