Flower Essence of Capsicum frutencens tabasco

Healing Mantra

"I Joyfully Embrace the Abundance of Life. I Wholeheartedly Follow My Passion"


​​​​Meridian – Heart Meridian.

Chakra- Balances Base, Sacral, Solar  Plexus and Heart



The physical manifestation of heat and fire in the red fruit is created from the delicate white and pale green flowers. White representing the purity of spirit and green the unconditional love combined and grounded to create the fire and heat for the passion and abundance of physical manifestation of life. The chilli plant needs no help to be abundant, the birds take only the ripe fruit and joyously spread it around. When we partake fully of life when it is ripe the abundance spreads easily. 

Chilli  Meridian Mist

Fire Element - Passion, Relationships,Joy

Available in 125 ml

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of Frankincense, Lemon, Tea Tree