Flower Essence of Celosia argentia

Healing Mantra

"I Transform All Experiences into Joyous Expressions of Love"


​​​​Meridian – Small Intestine Meridian.

Chakra- Balances Base, Sacral, Solar  Plexus.



The different Colours of the flowers represent the different Intensities of Transformative Fire. The Flame shape is evident in the shape of the flower. Recognizing that to successfully manifest, I must take responsibility for my present situation so that I can consciously transform my Life and move into my highest potential. We control the flame that we use and the intensity of our experiences. There can be Joy in every situation.

Celosia Meridian Mist

Fire Element - Passion, Relationships,Joy

Available in 125 ml

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of Rosemary, & Frankincense