Blue Rose Clearance Aura Mist


This Mist was made as a tool for me to use in My Practice as a Kinesiologist and Reiki Healer. The combination of Essences and Essential Oils helped to increase our internal light, to easily shift off anything that wasn't ours. To be able to let it go to easily and effortlessly embrace the light of positive change within us. As I started using it with my clients they found that they felt lighter, as if a burden had been lifted. I use this before and after each healing.


"I Easily and Effortlessly Embrace Positive Change "


This Mist is infused with :


The Flower Essences of:

Hearts Embrace from my Divine Pink Water Lily to help Honour our Heart, Pink Lavender to help us remember to be Gentle with Ourselves, Mugwort for Illuminating Our most vibrant self.Dandelion for Integration of all aspects of Ourselves, Orange Nasturtium for Allowing unwanted Emotional States to gently roll off, Ocean Goddess for cleansing and Elemental Blue.

The Essential Oils which Gently Complement this Mist are :

Rose, Rose Geranium, Lemon and Rosalina.


The Journey :

As this was the first mist made from my own flower essences I have had a long period of journeying with this mist. Working on enhancing the aspects of myself that allow positive change to flow into my life in an easy and effortless way. I have traveled through the aspect of struggle and what it meant to me, the aspects of fear that were present whenever change presented itself. As I continue this journey the mist keeps evolving with me. As I work through different blockages to flow, new essences are added to this mist. The most current ones are listed above however there have been many more that have layered their vibration through this mist. Each new version is connected to the one before it and passes on its information to the newest version being created. So goes the flow of life, ever changing and evolving, learning and teaching in an endeavour to bring my most present self here and now. 


For You :

I hope that in creating this mist, you will find that its gentle energetics help rekindle and grow the flame of the Divine within you. That Divine spark that is always there but sometimes we need to bring our attention to it. To cup it gently and breathe in our most exalted selves. To know ourselves and our light deeply within our heart.


Flower Blessings