Flower Essence of Soliva sessilis

Healing Mantra

"I Resolve Problems Courageously and Resourcefully,

Before They Become Prickly Situations"


 Meridian – Liver Meridian.

Chakra- Balances Solar Plexus and Heart


You can step on a Bindi when it’s green without a problem, it is soft and pretty. If you let them go, they become a prickly problem.  An ego out of control, is the ego acting without the Christ Consciousness. It speaks only for itself from a place of fear and aloneness.
Sometimes its best to get to the root of a problem before it gets out of control. This Mist reminds us that we have already solved our problems and all we need to do is ReSolve this one. Like getting on top of Bindis, you may need persistance. At othertimes we may need to postpone dealing with a problem until the timing is better. This mists helps you to see a bigger picture and use your resourcefulness in a creative way to get Resolution.

Bindi Green Meridian Mist

Wood Element - Growth, Change, Boundaries

Available in 125 ml

Enhanced by the Essential Oils of Bergamot and Peppermint