5 Element Meridian Mists






Balance - Yin Central Meridian

Strength - Yang Governing Meridian

Confidence - Kidney Meridian

Intuition - Bladder Meridian

Adaptability - Gall Bladder Meridian

Resolution - Liver Meridian

Abundance - Heart Meridian

Joy - Small Intestine Meridian

Creativity - Pericardium Meridian

Receptivity - Triple Warmer Meridian

Energy - Spleen Meridian

Harmony - Stomach Meridian

Inspiration - Lung Meridian

Release - Large Intestine Meridian

​The 5 Element Meridian Mists are a Collection of 14 Mists that work to Bring Harmony and Balance to the 14 Meridians in the Body. They were created from my years of experience working with the 5 Element Theory through Kinesiology. They work with the Chinese Cycle of 5 Elements and the Chinese Meridian system. They are Vibrational Tools and are a blend of  Vibrational Flower Essences and Pure Essential Oils. 

They can be activated by Misting into the Auric Field which then allows the Mists Energy to pulse through the Meridian Channels and the Chakra System.
I have observed and interacted with the Flowers for these  Essences over a period of years and continually re-meditate with them each time I make a batch of new Mists to bring in new energy and new insights.


The Essential Oils that complement the Flower Essences are 100% pure, and only a very small amount is used ( less than 1 %) allowing the spiritual vibration of the Oils to Enhance the Flower Essence and uplift our spirits with their light Fragrance.

Each Meridian Mist comes with the Healing card to enhance the healing experience.
You will feel the powerful connection to these remedies, which are used to Balance Meridian Energy, gently lift unwanted emotional states and guide us toward the positive flow of Creation.

5 Element Meridian Mists - Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.

Yin Yang


The Seed

New Beginnings


Blue Prints






Support Structures












Completion of a Cycle