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Elemental Mists are subtle aromatic blends of Flower Essences, Hydrosols, Aromatic Tinctures and Essential Oils.

Each bottle of Elemental Mist is a lovingly crafted handmade product with a focus on local, sustainable and ethical practices.  

They work gently in the subtle energy fields of the body and were created out of my practice of Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology and Sound Healing.

I wanted a gentle healing tool that my clients could feel working immediately and could also take home to continue their healing journey.

They work in a multi sensory approach by engaging the

  • Olfaction. The olfactory sense has a powerful connection to the body, mind and spirit. Aromatic compounds have been used in healing practice for thousands of years. Modern science has just begun to research the way aromatic compounds interact with us to change our physiology, and mental states. 

  • Kinaesthetic - Feeling the mist as it settles around the body and subtle energy fields.

  • Visual - Using the card that comes with them or the website photos, the image of the plant or visual representation of the mist provides a focal point for meditative practice. Colour and shape bring in their own specific vibrations.

  • Auditory - The sounding out of a Healing Mantra or Affirmation with the mist brings the healing vibrations of sound to the experience. You can use the mantra that comes with each mist or create your own as you feel guided.

I hope they bring you the joy and self insight that they have shared with me on my healing journey.

Many Flower Blessings


Practitioner and Stockist Highlight

Janelle Russell

Janelle Russell.webp
About me

I am a qualified Progressive Kinesiologist, Master Reiki Practitioner, Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming and member of both the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

My Approach

I feel very privileged to help my clients by identifying the root cause of their health issues and empowering them to take easy steps to maintain their well being.  Our bodies have an innate healing intelligence and symptoms are our body's way of communicating its needs.  We are often too busy or stressed to listen.  Kinesiology allows your body to communicate its need through muscle testing, so each treatment is tailored to the individual client.   I encourage the self-responsiblity model of  Kinesiology and teach my clients techniques they can use to maintain their well being.

Labyrinth Energy Charging a New Mist

A Colabyrinth Creation  with Gill Brame from 
Island Labyrinths


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